A Grizzly Charger – A Weather-Hardened EV Charging Station That Can Be Mounted Outdoors

grizzly charger

A grizzly charger is a tough and weather-hardened EV charging station that can be mounted outdoors. Made in Canada by United Chargers, it is available in ‘dumb’ and app-connected smart versions. Unlike Level 1 home EV chargers (which use standard outlets and add 2-5 miles per hour to your range), a Grizzl-E is a Level 2 charging station and can deliver up to 40 amps of power to your electric vehicle, which should allow you to charge at a rate of 25-32 miles an hour. It’s even rated IP67 – meaning that you can actually submerge it in water and still have it work. It comes in a NEMA 4-rated enclosure that’s weather-hardy and includes an optional connector holster, which you can mount anywhere that’s convenient for you to plug in your EV. The company’s CEO, Gleb Nikiforov, even made a video of himself running over the Grizzl-E with an 8-wheeled Argo Centaur on a frozen Canadian lake and then dunking it in the water to demonstrate how tough it is.

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This is a great option if you’re considering buying a new EV and want the peace of mind that this durable charging station can handle a variety of harsh conditions. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to similar smart chargers and offers many of the same features as more expensive units. While you may need to hire a licensed electrician to install this unit, the long-term savings (compared to filling up your gas car) will likely offset that cost. The company is working on a simple upgrade for current owners that will turn this rugged charger into a smart one, but full details aren’t yet available.

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