Extra Large Canvas Wall Art

extra large canvas wall art

Big extra large canvas wall art is a simple and effective way to elevate any room. It’s also the ideal option for those who want to create a dramatic focal point that draws the eye. The key to getting this look right is the size of your print. If your artwork is too small, it may look cluttered and overcrowded, while if it is too large, it can overwhelm the space. The good news is that there are some foolproof rules that you can follow to ensure that your oversized canvas wall art is just right.

The first step is to calculate how big your wall art should be. Use our wall art size equations to get an estimate of how wide and tall your print should be based on the dimensions of your space. Once you have these numbers, you can determine the best sized print to purchase.

Grand Statements: The Impact of Extra Large Canvas Wall Art in Home Design

Our oversized canvas prints are easy to hang and made with sturdy materials, making them perfect for long-term display in any home or office. They can be grouped together to create a dynamic gallery wall or hung in a single spot to make an impressive statement.

We also offer a variety of different layouts, including symmetrical and asymmetrical four-panel prints and our ever-popular wave design. If you’re going for a truly bold and eye-catching effect, try our 92″x42″ five-panel statement piece!