How to Find a Sewer Contractor Near Me

If you have an old, broken or leaking sewer line, it can lead to health risks and property damage. Fortunately, a qualified sewer contractor near me can repair or replace it for you quickly and at a reasonable cost. Before you hire a plumber, take the time to request multiple bids and review their experience and credentials. You can also ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

What are the methods of sewer pipe installation?

The total cost of a sewer line replacement depends on the length and type of pipe material, as well as labor and excavation fees. Most plumbing contractors charge a per-linear-foot rate for pipe installation. A longer sewer line will require more materials, and any bends or elbows in the pipes can increase the cost as well. In addition, most professional plumbing contractors will have to obtain permits for the work before they begin. These additional costs will be passed on to you.

In some cases, the cause of a clogged or broken sewer line may not be from your home’s internal plumbing but from the Union Sanitary District (USD) public sewer line in the street. If USD finds a blockage within the public sewer lateral, they will contact you to make arrangements for repair or replacement.

Traditional sewer line repairs and replacements involve digging trenches around your property. But modern technology allows plumbers to focus on repairing the line while protecting your landscaping and driveway. This trenchless solution offers long-term reliability and better results with less disruption to your property.

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