How to Select a Garage Door for Your House

The garage door is one of the biggest windows in your home, so it’s important to choose a style that complements the architectural style of your house. It’s also important to consider insulation, WindCode (wind resistance requirements for the region you live in), and finishes like steel, wood, or composite. Your local garage door installation pros can help you select the best door for your house.

How much room do you need for a garage door?


The most popular House garage doormaterials are wood, metal, and steel. Each material has its own benefits. For example, wood doors are attractive and offer a classic look. However, they may require more maintenance as they can warp and decay if not properly maintained. Steel doors are a great choice because they’re very durable and hold up well in any climate. In addition, they’re a safe choice because burglars find it difficult to break into a steel garage door.

If you’re looking to add more curb appeal to your house, try using a different color for the garage door. It’s recommended to stick with neutral colors, as these work well with most architectural styles. If you have a brick or stone home, avoid contrast and opt for creams and earthy accent colors to magnify the natural beauty of the building materials.

For wood or composite doors, be sure to select a stain or paint that will last. Many manufacturers offer a number of fairly standard prefinished colors, which are ideal if they match your house’s exterior paint.

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