Poultry Netting – Keep Your Poultry in and Predators Out

Poultry netting, also known as poultry wire or chicken mesh is a great option for keeping your flock safe from predators. It can also be used as fencing for garden areas to protect your vegetables from raccoons and other small critters. It can also be used as a barrier around dangerous machinery in your garage or workshop to keep younger family members safe.

This is a quick and easy to install temporary fence that can be put up by two people. It arrives in a roll with built-in line posts and it’s lightweight too, making it easier to move and store. Just add an electric fence energizer and it’s ready to keep your poultry in and predators out! Find out https://fencefast.ca/products/gallagher-poultry-netting-turbo

It’s worth noting that poultry netting can be damaged by raccoons and badgers who are good diggers. To prevent this, it is advisable to have an additional layer of lower chicken wire along the bottom of the fence to deter these strong predators.

Wings in Check: Choosing the Right Poultry Netting for Your Flock’s Safety

Joe from Premier 1 suggests having a couple of strands of poultry netting running parallel to the ground and then having another two or three strands of wire above that. This will ensure that if any strands are damaged then you still have enough netting to stop predators getting into your chicken run. He also recommends ensuring that your energizer has sufficient output to power the number of strands you have in your poultry netting. He says they get 7-10 years out of their netting at Premier 1, but they have seen customers with 20-year-old netting.

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