Preparing for the Installation of a School District Playground

When a playground construction and installation is purchased and installed by the school district, it can require extensive planning and funding to ensure that the final product meets the standards of the state’s guidelines. A playground is not just for children; it’s an important part of a neighborhood that provides a space where adults and families can gather for outdoor activities, exercise and socializing.

The first step in preparing for the installation of a new playground is to determine how much the project will cost. This will help you narrow your choices for what equipment to purchase and also will guide you on any additional fundraising projects you may wish to arrange.

Once the budget has been established, it’s time to begin planning. You will need to determine the exact dimensions of the equipment and a layout of how it will be placed on the site, as well as clear the area where the equipment is going to be built. Be sure to contact your local utility-locating service and have any buried lines located before digging in the yard.

The Ultimate Guide to Playground Construction and Installation

A good plan for a play structure involves building in a radiating fashion, starting at the center of the playground and working outward. This helps prevent putting too much weight on the foundation and allows you to keep the overall structure more even throughout. It is also a good idea to include any necessary accessories, such as trash receptacles and bike racks.

It’s also essential to have enough tools for everyone on the build team. Make sure that each worker has a drill, tape measure and any other equipment needed to do their job. This will help keep the build process moving efficiently. It’s also a good idea to offer scheduled breaks throughout the day, so volunteers can take a break and get their energy back.

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